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Many Great Features Have Been Added In Update 1.4.0, Now Available In iTunes!

The latest release of Bible +1 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is available! You can update to version 1.4.0 now in the iTunes App Store.

In this update we are pleased to bring you Multiple Verse Selection, which allows you to bookmark, highlight, and share several verses at once. Simply touch each verse you want to select and then choose the highlight or share tool. Would you like to chose verses from another book? No problem, just tap the multi-verse icon and open up the selection screen, click the + sign in the bottom right and bring up a menu to navigate to any chapter or verse. When your finished adding chose “done”. Now you are ready to bookmark, highlight or share all your verses at once.

Would you like to add multiple verse references to your Notes? Now you can. Update 1.4.0 introduces Multiple Reference Notes. Select the verses you want to add and tap the note icon to write your note. It’s that simple. Be sure and create a Note Title, new this release. If you want to make your note public you can turn off the private setting and share your thoughts with the community. Community Notes can be sorted biblically or by most recent.

Set up a FREE account at just1word.com today and view your Bible with all your data on the web.

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