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A Whole New Look At just1word.com

When you visit Just1word.com you will notice the site has a whole new look. Now that you can sync your bookmarks, highlights and notes between the website and your iOS apps, it just made sense to redesign the site to bring the simplicity of the app and make it easier to navigate across all platforms. Just1word began offering a sneak peek into the new design a couple of weeks ago and after positive feedback from you we launched the update this week. We love the new homepage and we think you will too. Here is a quick overview of the new look to help you get started.

New Right Bar

We’ve moved all the navigation to the right to make it quick and easy find what you need without ever leaving the page you are on.

Login allows you to access your free account and control settings

Explore allows you to browse the Bible by Books, Stories or Topics

Selected allows you to keep track of verses to use with other features

My Stuff allows you to access all of your data

Compare allows you to do a side by side comparison

Related allows you to quickly access related passages and topics

Search allows you to find whatever you’re looking for fast.

My Stuff – Community Notes

In this section you can see public notes that other people have written related to the scripture you are reading, or with a click, you can view all of the recent notes made by the community. Post your own thoughts and make them public for others to see.

My Stuff – Journal

This is a great personal study tool as well as a way to express your thoughts and opinions to help and encourage others.


This allows you to do a side-by-side comparison of two different Versions of the Bible at the same time. You can even use this feature to view two different languages at the same time.


This shows you other content that may be of interest to you. These are passages, stories, keywords and topics that are in some way related to the current passage you are viewing.

Tell us what you think

We would love to hear what you think. We welcome your thoughts and opinions. We take your suggestions seriously as we work to add new features and make the current ones even better. Feel free to drop us a line at: friends@just1word.com. Include your email address so we can send you a personal response.

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